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The Power of Small Moments

Authentic Profiles

XC’s Authentic Profile connects demographic and psychographic data with the employee Thriving Quotient to see the “whole employee”. (roadmap)

Culture Dashboard

By capturing sentiment at the granular level & in real-time, XC’s Culture Dashboard calculates your “Thriving Quotient,” allowing visualization of your culture and alignment with core values.

Structured Feedback

XC eliminates feedback bias by capturing event metadata including meeting subject, date, time, location, attendees through calendar event data.

AI Coaching

AS XC evolves, the coaching engine will be introduced to proactively guide peers and managers on effective communication styles to build high-quality connections. (roadmap)

Transparency Mode

Through our 4-click survey, XC captures employee sentiment, either anonymously or transparently, to gain candid employee feedback.

Connectors & Apps

XC integrates with employee Google calendars to allow frictionless feedback. XC will soon add more integrations & browser extensions.

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