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Digital Marketing Intern

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From Home

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Sales & Marketing

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February 11, 2020 at 2:00:00 AM

About the job

This is not your standard Marketing Internship. We are looking for an energetic and self-motivated Marketing Intern to join our founders in executing against our initial marketing strategy. If you’re an ambitious individual who wants to build a career in social media and content marketing, then we want to work with you. Your work will include preparing promotional presentations, monitoring social platforms, and conducting market analysis.

In addition to being an excellent communicator, you should have excellent multitasking and organizational abilities. As a self-starter, we expect that you will work on developing technical marketing skills and understanding the metrics used to gauge marketing success.

We aim for this internship to create an opportunity for you to learn, gain experience, and build your resume.


  • Developing digital marketing strategies and plans that elevate growth in the market to attract new customers, engage existing customers, and influence customer action on the XpandCulture digital channels.

  • Creating clear, customer-oriented messaging based on value propositions.

  • Helping to develop, curate, and promote content (training, reference designs, application notes, blogs, etc.)

  • Leveraging data to assess the effectiveness of content on, and collaborating with key experts to complete analysis of web performance.

  • Understanding and leveraging the various marketing channels including search engine optimization, automated campaigns, social media, influencer relations, etc. As a startup, we will leverage paid channels such as paid media, search engine marketing, digital advertising sparingly.

  • Developing an understanding of XC’s corporate and employee communications and leading communications strategies.

  • Helping to drive communications activities that support employee engagement and ensure employees understand the priorities and focus of XC.

  • Continually keep yourself and your team updated with the latest changes in the product.


  • A passion for the XpandCulture mission: “to uncover your company's embodiment of its core values and measure high-quality connections to improve communication, enhance engagement and advance inclusivity.”

  • A growth mindset.  Someone with an “I can learn this” attitude.

  • Receptive to feedback.

  • Interest in the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry.

  • Self-motivated, independent, and creative problem solver.

  • Work with remote team members.

  • Produce quality work product.

  • Meet established deadlines in a dynamic work culture

  • Work collaboratively.


  • Effectively communicate challenges and issues

  • Take a mindful approach to work and communication

  • Develop professional communication skills

  • Ability to proactively manage your time

  • Learn problem-solving and analysis skills

  • Under how to think strategically and prioritize your workload

  • Proficiency with Google Workspace (Docs, Sheet, Slide)

  • Proficiency with corporate collaboration tools

  • Proficiency with project management tools

  • Proficiency with email

  • Proficiency with Customer Relationship Management tools

  • Basic graphic design skills using Canva and Sketch

  • Familiarity with Google Data Studio

About us

XpandCulture offers meaningful, hands-on learning opportunities for students to work and engage in a variety of product innovation and brand strategy initiatives. We don't have time for grunt work and your ideas are encouraged and valued!

XpandCulture is a fast-growing startup, redefining how companies engage their employees and how, together, we advance an inclusive corporate culture. Designing an employee-centric platform, we capture employee sentiments on an event level, surfacing the true culture within an organization.

We are continually innovating and developing our platform to embrace the power of data and technology to empower every person to be their authentic self. We are seeking a devoted development team player who is curious about the needs of the ideal user, asks strategic questions about the product, and is passionate about creating an inclusive culture. Our ideal team member will be driven and energized by crafting creative solutions to challenges.

Are you always digging deeper to learn how things work? Are you eager to continually learn? Then, we’re looking for you!


Dallas, TX

Join our growing team today! Submit your resume to and cover letter and be sure to tell us why you would be the perfect addition to our team.

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