Product Questions


What are you planning to do with my data?

This is a really important question and foundational to XpandCulture. We know that sharing feelings is very personal. We designed our product to allow you to share your responses anonymously if you wish. We trust that you have an idea of how technology works, so, yes, we can see the responses you share, but that’s it. We will not share anonymous responses on an individual level with your employer. Heck, we are in the “culture space” and we get that psychological safety is key for a great culture. We want to ensure that you feel safe sharing your responses. For more information on how we may use your data, please see our Privacy Policy.


When are you going to integrate with Microsoft Calendar?

Soon. How’s that for vague. But, really, we are working on that as you read our FAQs. Indeed, we are working to integrate XpandCulture with all platforms that calendar events and meetings. If you would like to know exactly when we launch our integration, please email us at product@xpandculture.com


Why am I limited to providing feedback for only the prior 7 days?

We believe that corporate culture is reflected in “in the moment” employee sentiments - that is, real feelings in real-time. With this core belief, you may not be surprised that we struggled with even allowing feedback as far back as 7 days...we want you to share your feelings when you feel them!

How do I submit a feature request?

Just email us! We want to know what you think (and, clearly, how you feel). Please email features@xpandculture.com with your suggestions for new features and feel free to share screenshots or pictures. Our CTO is super visual and loves to communicate with images.

Is there a way to make the feedback process go faster?

Yep! It was a top priority for us to streamline capturing feedback and we worked hard to frame the feedback to provide insightful information that produces actionable data. We have completed too many pulse surveys that leave us fatigued and we believe that this leads to inaccurate feedback...you know, sometimes you just “click-through” to finish the survey. We want you to be able to share your sentiments in seconds. On top of our design for fast feedback, we suggest that you visit the Settings button and check “Automatically slide to next question when answered.” You will be able to provide your feedback in 4 clicks!

Is there a way to change the color of my emoji?

Yes, we are about diversity, right? Just click the Settings button and choose your preference.

How can I see more emotions to select when sharing my feedback?

Did you know that the number of emotions we feel is a question that has intrigued and challenged scientists and philosophers for generations and continues to do so today? Just think of all the different feelings you have experienced. We know that we have to include many more emotions for you to consider when sharing your feedback and we are working on the most effective design to ensure we continue to allow a streamlined experience for you. Stay tuned!

Why XC?

What stage of a company should use this product?

We designed XpandCulture to xpand the culture of every company, regardless of size or industry. After all, every employee has feelings. Having real-time insight into how everyone on your team feels as well as understanding each team member’s thriving quotient is illuminating and instructive.

Why do you prioritize alignment with core values?

We know that you invested time to develop and define your core values. These values are intended to serve as guideposts for you or your company: core values support your vision, shape your culture, and reflect what you value. They are the essence of your identity, but only if you are living your core values. We want to provide you with insight as to the degree to which you are living your core values.

What if my company does not have core values or is thinking about redefining our core values?

Don’t worry. We have your answer. We have reviewed the core values of the Fortune 500 companies; we have spent hours (okay, days) reviewing culture-types; and we have leaned on our Advisory Board to understand the alignment of core values in creating positive organizational behavior. With this background, we structured our proprietary Core Value X model to share core value data and details to help you land on the values for you and your company. If you want to learn more, please email us at product@xpandculture.com.

Our mission to uncover your company's embodiment of its core values and measure high-quality connections to improve communication, enhance engagement and advance inclusivity. 

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