Our Story

Founder Story

How do we live our best life? 
Our founder, Helen Chang, vividly recalls her father emphasizing that you must be a good citizen.  And while “good citizenship” has varied meanings, Helen and our co-founder, Tom Foley, believe that, at its basic, it means leaving a place better than you found it.
Helen launched Figable in 2018 to help families develop the next generation of “good citizens.”  Helen chose the fig tree as her model as this tree develops the deepest roots.  
Helen was not just leading her family though– she was leading teams in her professional life too.
But before we get there, let us share how Helen and Tom met.  Tom is the founder and director of The Study USA, a public-private partnership with the City of Irving, focused on launching and growing women-owned and minority-owned businesses,  Helen and Tom first met at a launch event focused on empowering women entrepreneurs, hosted by The Study.  And, they shared thoughts around raising a strong daughter, even talking about Abby Wambach’s Barnard speech.
Now, back to Helen leading teams at work.  How can each employee feel safe and be their authentic selves? Over the next 18 months, Helen and Tom worked to answer this question.  They blended their strengths – Helen’s technology and corporate experiences with Tom’s legal and entrepreneurial experiences – to iterate on empowering every employee to comprehensively drive greater equity and inclusivity. 
In June 2020, Helen and Tom agreed to partner to expand Figable into the corporate environment and launch Xpand Culture.
Through Xpand Culture, Helen and Tom know they can leave the corporate place better than they found it.  Empowering every employee to be their authentic selves will drive inclusivity, enhance collaboration, and spark innovation.  Ensuring corporate teams are well-grounded and aligned with the company’s core values is the first step to developing high performing teams.  And, creating a safe environment for sharing feedback is the next step.   It is not just what you do, but how and why you do it that predicts job success.
High-quality connections are key.  Strong performance is fostered in a safe, inclusive environment.  It is only by allowing every employee to be their true self that true collaboration and innovation is nurtured. 
Right…this outlines a bit about how we can live our best professional life.  Now, we must make sure we leave this place better than we found it…for success, we must measure, track, and act!
Xpand Culture!