Acquisition + Retention

Engagement, Performance, Profit

Retention and Attrition Costs

Talent is expensive.

The cost of recruiting and retaining talent can stunt a company’s growth. By streamlining these often hidden costs, companies can focus on their mission, together with their engaged employees. While it is difficult to capture all expenses or even the intangible costs, like impact on employee morale, associated with the recruiting and retaining talent, four major costs consistently surface.

Attrition Costs

Invest in your people.


The cost to replace a highly-trained employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary

Recruit and Retain

Keeping the Band Together

When it comes to a company's most valuable asset, many areas come to mind. Research and Development, marketing, or even a patent might take the top spot. But, you know where we are going...people are your most important asset. Build and save your assets!